Covid-19 Safe Working Policy

This policy describes how SNIPER ADVISORY will operate its business activities and International training services during the coronavirus, COVID -19 pandemic. It is to be read alongside SNIPER ADVISORY’s existing Health and Safety policies and relevant SOPs for safe working on training areas.

The Policy does not replace any legal, UK or other national official guidelines as may be enforced or advised.


The Policy is designed to ensure a safe working environment for all staff and students and prevent any cross contamination of Covid-19 whilst working on SNIPER ADVISORY business activities.


Any member of staff, any student and or any visitor to a training area where SNIPER ADVISORY staff are operating, and who is suffering from Covid-19, is experiencing the published symptoms of Covid-19, is in contact with or suspects they have been in contact with someone who suffering from or displaying the symptoms of Covid-19 is to stay away from all training and shared spaces.

Any member of staff or any student who is affected should inform their line manager and or their instructor in accordance with the relevant company host unit policies and then self-isolate at home or student accommodation. Students in hotel or apartment accommodation must remain in their rooms and inform the hotel manager as well as the senior instructor.

The core safety measure is to ensure that staff and students maintain “Social Distancing”. Social distancing measures may include:

  • Maintaining a personal distance between staff and students. The recommended minimum distance is 2 meters. Personal contact can be further minimized by avoiding shaking hands and by scheduling meetings via the phone or internet.
  • Maintaining significant personal distance from students and co-workers via the use of sick time when experiencing symptoms of illness.
  • In the event of any health service or national Government changes to the advice provided during this Covid-19 pandemic or other health emergency, the Directors will determine the appropriate level of social distancing measures, business interruption or business continuation measures to employ. UK Government, and local governing authorities may provide guidance in making the determination, and those authorities are likely to follow NHS and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.


The senior staff member present is to conduct a risk assessment of likely ‘choke points’ where social distancing measures may be difficult to apply during training sessions. Solutions to be considered may include:

  • Dividing training into smaller groups using either more instructors or additional training periods.
  • Wearing additional PPE such as face masks in addition to training PPE. Any PPE selected to provide protection when social distancing rules cannot be enforced must not be compromised by the training task. eg loss of protection if in contact with oils or fuels.
  • Travelling to and from the site in smaller groups
  • Cleaning all equipment used with bleach or other appropriate solution at start and on completion of task.
  • Staff must ensure that when speaking behind face masks there is clarity of instruction especially where safety is involved.

Staff, visitors and students are to reduce any unnecessary travel on buses, trains and other forms of public transport. If public transport is unavoidable, then staff should wear facemasks. Avoid where possible busy travel periods and crowded public places. Care is to be taken to avoid cross contamination of PPE when removing and storing if these are to be reused for the return journey.

Ideally staff, students and visitors should travel in their own vehicle, where practically possible and avoid lift sharing.

If travelling in SNIPER ADVISORY provided vehicles, students and staff should maintain social distance where possible and practice thorough handwashing on arrival at each location. Staff and students are to wear face masks when travelling with others in SNIPER ADVISORY transport. If it’s not possible to wash hands, hand sanitisers should be used. Hand sanitizing gel will be provided in all SNIPER ADVISORY vehicles.

Vehicle controls, steering wheels, and handles are to be cleaned with a bleach solution by the driver after each journey.


Greetings should be restricted to verbal exchanges only, without any physical contact. Employees and students are to avoid handshakes and hugs while greeting and interacting with each other.

All should be aware of the 2 meters rule. It is vital to maintain two meters (two-to- three arm’s length) distance from other people whenever possible.

All staff and students should make their own hot or cold drinks and food. All should use a freshly washed cup on every occasion.

Seating arrangements. Students will be sat in the classroom ensuring published separation rules apply for the duration of the lessons as well as their breaks.

Students, employees and visitors will be offered PPE. These may be worn by any student or staff member who prefers. Unless under training, when a risk assessment has considered closer working is necessary for safety or specific teaching points and practice, the wearing of PPE does not prevent the 2 metre rule being applied.

Staff should also be provided with hand sanitizing gel, compliant with air travel security restrictions.

Any and all unique requirements in country are to be complied with unless they are deemed inferior to UK standards. If a country is deemed to be free of Covid -19 by the national authority, confirmation must be made by the FCO before travel.


Variations to this policy may be applied nationally for travel on public transport or locally within or SNIPER ADVISORY training areas if sufficient health support is applied such that vaccination certificates, antibody or other test results are provided. An ideal will be for SNIPER ADVISORY to acquire sufficient self-test kits for students and staff to allow a lifting of some or all restrictions or early identification of symptoms which can lead to early quarantine or medical support.


Employees, staff and students must ensure that they read, understand and comply with this policy.

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