Confidential Consulting

Sniper Advisory is a unique company specialising in consulting, training and providing support services to approved military, law enforcement and security organisations.

Sniper bullet holes in military equipment

Sniper Advisory delivers a range of marksmanship courses designed to upskill riflemen and other firearms users to enable them to act as reliable operators in a range of combat and police situations.

Highly Experienced Consultants

Sniper Advisory provides highly experienced advisors to train, coach and advise clients on all aspects of marksmanship, sharpshooting and sniping.

From our training pages, you can see that Sniper Advisory provides a comprehensive range of standalone training courses or we can embed expert instructors and mentors into your organisation to ensure learning and develop competence.

The training courses can be combined or amended to include additional skills such as camouflage, target and threat recognition, and periodic reassessment. Our instructors and advisors play a critical role in ensuring you receive the highest quality training and advice.

We believe that simply training students on a course does not create a sustainable capability. Sniper Advisory can provide embedded instructors to work with clients to identify, train and coach talented sharpshooters and snipers to become instructors through our developmental Train the Trainer programme. Contact us directly to learn more

Sniper Advisory understands that our clients have exacting demands for equipment too. Our experienced consultants will work with you to develop your operational and training equipment requirements and assist with sourcing the best to work within your operational environments and budget.

Working with approved and respected global suppliers, Sniper Advisory can provide all your specialist needs.

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