Who we are

Our instructors and advisors are highly rated professionals. They play a critical role in ensuring our clients receive the highest quality training and advice.

Sniper standing in front of a dark sky

On the battlefield, the sniper's primary role is to scout out ahead of the main force and carry out reconnaissance and intelligence gathering while remaining undetected. They can also use their marksmanship skills to take out key enemy personnel. Such targets may include commanders, signallers and weapon systems operators.

Only the Best

Sniper Advisory are a specialist group of ex elite unit snipers, who have enjoyed many years working within various private defence training programs, gaining wider experiences to diligently improve skill-based defence instructional programs to the defence sector, with great effect. We have experienced the good, the bad – and the ugly.

Our Vision is “this can be done better”.

Sniper Advisory employs only the best advisors, instructors and operators who have served with distinction on Sniper operations within military units and law enforcement agencies. We select the best to offer our clients the best.

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